Public event "Roma in Ukraine – Fighters for Democracy, Human Rights and Justice"

April 25, 2024 Conferences

On 16 May, ARCA, Pilecki Institute Berlin, Central Council of German Sinti, Roma and Society for Threatened Peoples Germany will host a public event titled "Roma in Ukraine – Fighters for Democracy, Human Rights and Justice" in Berlin. Roma in Ukraine are an integral part of Ukrainian society, with their unique cultural heritage safeguarded internally for centuries. Despite persecution, genocides, wars, and globalization, Roma have played a significant role in historical events, particularly during WWII when many fought against Nazi-Germany. Despite antigypsyism in Ukraine, many Roma are actively fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and contributing to the defense and reconstruction of Ukraine.

The event will include an exhibition, film screening, and discussion to raise awareness and challenge prejudices about Roma.

In a more overall setting, the event is linked to ongoing policy processes such as the plans for the recovery of Ukraine (Ukraine Recovery Conference, Ukraine Recovery Plan), the accession process of Ukraine to the European Union and internal documents such as the Targeted State Programme “Unity in Diversity” and the Roma Strategy 2030.

Media partners of the event: Vitsche e.V, European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC)

Place: with Pilecki Institute, Pariser Platz 4A, 10117 Berlin

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Time: 16 May 2024, 18:00 – 22:00 CET

The event also will be streamed online on ARCA and partners social media channels.