Art Exhibition "Me Ukrainatar" in Ivano-Frankivsk

Sept. 4, 2023 Exhibitions

Me Ukrainatar

8.09 – 23.09.23

Сontemporary art space Undeground Passage "Vagabundo" 

7 Pylyp Orlyka St., Ivano-Frankivsk

Who are the Roma of Ukraine, what makes them outstanding and what role do they play in modern European society? 


The exhibition expands the vision of the Roma identity from the perspective of Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Maksymov and displays his reality as a true image of the communities - without stereotypes and prejudices. Through the visuality of the analogue collage technique, the author proposes to get acquainted with the Roma who have made an influential input to Ukrainian society, contributing to the development of culture, medicine, science and social movement. 


The series begins with portraits of Roma soldiers who went to the frontlines to defend their homeland from the times of the Second World War to the current full-scale Russian invasion. At the same time, the collages feature Roma from other fields who have contributed to the historical context of the country, including poets, musicians, doctors, and activists.

They are the ones who break the stereotypical vision of the Roma communities, being equal standing side by side with other communities and fighting for a better future for Ukraine as part of a progressive Europe.


Artist: Oleksandr Maksymov

Curators: Eva Rajska and Natali Tomenko 

Organised with the support of the Agency for the Advocacy of Roma Culture (ARCA)


The opening of the exhibition will take place on 8 September at 18:00 at 7 Pylyp Orlyka St., Ivano-Frankivsk, in the contemporary art space Underground Passage "Vagabundo".