Arka's activities in photos. What have we achieved and where are we headed?

Feb. 19, 2024 Exhibitions

The youth agency for the Advocacy of Roma culture "ARCA" continues its work every day. In the past, our team managed to launch several cultural and educational initiatives in Ukraine and abroad, and the media project "Djanes" continues to work and contest the stereotypes that still exist in Ukrainian society.

With the help of colleagues and like-minded people, the problems of the Roma community and options for their solution were raised not only in Ukraine, but also at many events abroad. And this work will continue.

The Youth Agency for Advocacy of Roma Culture "ARCA" continues to work on the development of the youth educational program. On September 29, on the occasion of the Babyn Yar Memorial Day, the Agency's team organized a commemorative ceremony "Time to Remember" to honor the memory of the victims of the Roma genocide during World War II in Ukraine.

Our projects have also taken place in Berlin, and every year Arka takes young people to Krakow to visit the Auschwitz-Berkenau concentration camp so that future generations will know about the painful mistakes of the past.

We continue to work on topics such as memory, commemoration, and decolonization. We also raise important issues that are on the agenda today, such as what place Roma should occupy in the future Ukraine after the victory. And this is extremely important, because the issue of the whole country's accession to the European Union may depend on solving the problem with the rights of the Roma community. We continue to work for you and with you.

Together to victory and a better future!