Local History Project

May 27, 2024

Through the support of the EVZ foundation and the local.history funding program, we conducted this important research and gave a voice to those directly impacted by the horrific Second World War. The testimonies gathered from survivors: Raisa Andriychenko, Oleksandr Beinarovich, Valentina Lebedeva, Valentina Bobrova, Vira Biryuchenko, and Valentina Polyakova provide invaluable insight into the experiences of the Roma community during this time.

It is important to highlight the significance of this project, as it sheds light on a dark chapter in history that is often overlooked. The Roma Genocide is a tragic event that resulted in the systematic persecution and extermination of Romani people by the Nazis during World War II. By collecting oral history materials from survivors, we can preserve their memories and ensure that their stories are not forgotten.

The development of a comic book as the final outcome of this project is a creative and engaging way to share these important stories with a wider audience. By bringing these testimonies to life through visual storytelling, we hope to raise awareness and educate others about the Roma Genocide and the importance of remembering and honoring the lives lost.

Overall, this project serves as a reminder of the atrocities committed against the Roma people and the ongoing need to confront and address discrimination and prejudice against marginalized communities. By amplifying the voices of survivors, we can ensure that their experiences are not erased from history and that their legacy continues to be remembered and honored.